Getting to Know Blake Lively and Gucci’s New Fragrance, Gucci Première

Blake Lively with director Nicolas Winding Refn on set at the Gucci Première campaign shoot.

Blake Lively has been named the face of Gucci’s new fragrance, Gucci Première. The fragrance is said to be the brands new signature scent, inspired by the couture line of Gucci Première gowns and old Hollywood glitz and glam. We couldn’t imagine a better person for the job and it seems Gucci couldn’t either.

“In conceiving this fragrance I was inspired by timeless Hollywood glamour and the iconic leading ladies of Hollywood’s golden era,” said Frida Giannini, who is the creative director of the company. “Blake’s unique style and charisma brings that allure to life in a very contemporary way.”

I’ve loved Blake Lively since the first season of Gossip Girl, which is what she’s most known for in starring her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen. I was working as a beauty publicist on the Gucci account when I found out about three months ago. I couldn’t believe it, I was thrilled! I had worked with other celebs before in my role as a beauty publicist, but never any that I adored as much as I do Blake Lively.

I had the opportunity to meet Blake during what we call a ‘public relations day,’  we had a photoshoot with and invited select media to come interview her, exclusively, for the new fragrance, Gucci Premiere. The photoshoot with Gucci and Blake was one of the most amazing things I had experienced! The fashion, the glam and the A-list celeb – it was SO New York!

During Blake’s interviews with the media, I was impressed by how humble, sweet and normal she was. The 5’10 beaute talked about her love of family, fashion and dark chocolate, and when speaking on her role as the new face of Gucci, Blake told WWD that she felt lucky to be chosen. “Gucci is a staple. It is a brand I have always looked up to because to me it represents strength,” she said. “In their designs, in their images, in what they stand for philanthropically, and especially in their fragrance.…I couldn’t be more proud to be working with Gucci and its heart, Frida.”

The new signature fragrance for women, Gucci Première, is set to launch in September of this year. I know I’ll be adding it to my ever-growing collection!

Gucci Première


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