My Current Obsessions

I wanted to share a few of my current obsessions this summer and invite you all to try them! I’m a firm believer in trying something on even if it’s a little outside my comfort zone and I’m usually pleasantly surprised. Because of this philosophy, I’ve shaken things up a bit in my closet and also been able to experiment with some fun new looks.

The first and second look is all about the Dip dress (some call it the hi-low dress or even better, the mullet dress). Whatever you’d like to call it, these dresses have become some of my favorite pieces in my closet.

I was out shopping with my Mom and she pulled this dress out of no where, in the sale section at The Limited and had me try it on. I was not expecting to love it and at the bargain price of 20$, how could I not?! It can easily be dressed up or down and I’m looking forward to wearing it to one of the many weddings I’ll be attending this summer.

This is another look for the Dip dress. It’s a subtle addition to such a fun dress and it looks amazing on! This was something that wasn’t too flattering on a hanger but once I tried it on I knew it was a keeper. This dress was 80$ from Anthropologie.

I love this candid shot of our girl Samantha. Xo!

The look is a mash up of a few favorites in my closet. The pleated neon skirt was bought for 20$ at Anthropologie and I absolutely love it! Some things you just don’t say no to, especially if your sister bought it for you (thanks, Chelsea!). The see through floral printed top is from H&M and literally goes with everything, having versatile pieces in your closet can really keep things interesting. We can’t forget the shoes, they are from Target and I love the unexpected pairing of a floral and leopard print. Don’t be afraid to take some risks!

A scalloped hemline can add a fun new twist to a skirt or a dress. Aside from that, I am in love with all things orange at the moment.


3 thoughts on “My Current Obsessions

  1. Ladies this is my favorite blog entry so far. It is easy to mention a scalloped hemline but to see it and realize what you are saying is true, that is key in my mind. Plus the modeling is fun and really lets the personality of your blog shine through! You are on to something here…keep up the great work!

  2. Love the hi-low dresses too!!! I’m wearing one at work today.. Business in the front, party in the back haha!!! Great post!

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